Lazer X - The Family Zone - An Exciting Lazer Tag, Lazer Maze, Arcade Entertainment Facility
Packages and Prices (We Accept all major Credit Cards)
We offer a wide variety of packages and prices to ensure you have the best experience at the best price !! 
Below are our packages and pricing for birthday parties, room rentals, private events, multi game rates and fundraisers.
Please call 336-586-7007         
to schedule your next birthday party, sports team event, corporate event, fund raiser,....

Party Packages
Lazer Tag Party:
Party hostess
• 2 Lazer Tag games per “paid” guest
• Party room for 1 hr 45 minutes
• One $10 Arcade Game Card for the guest of honor
• V.I.P. pass (free future game) for guest of honor
• Paper products and invitations per guest
• Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon per “paid” guest
• Price: $17 per player (minimum of 8 players), during normal business hours
Lazer Tag Plus Lazer Maze Party:
Includes everything in Lazer Tag party PLUS reserve the Lazer Maze for your party for an additional $50 for 30 mins or $75 for 60 mins
Options: Large Pizza (1 topping) $9.00, $2 per 2 Liter Coke or Sprite
                           Single Player Rates:
Lazer Tag Rates:                            Lazer Maze Rates:
• 1 game for $8.00                                 • 1 play for $2
• 2 games for $15                                  • 3 plays for $5                       
• 3 games for $21.50                             • 7 plays for $10
                                                              • 11 plays for $15
                                                              • 15 plays for $20
Elon University Students get $2.00 off each game of Lazer Tag with a student ID.

Note: Lazer X is a proud sponsor of our local church groups. If you are with a church affiliated group please notify management.  Also call for group pricing!!!

We also host private events and fundraisers!!!
Private Events:
Private use of the facility during non-business hours
• Unlimited people
• Unlimited Lazer Tag games
Price: $450 for 1st 2 hours includes a $20 Arcade Game Card, $150 for each additional hour
Reserve Lazer Maze for an additional $50 for 30 mins or $75 for 60 mins
Note: Contact Lazer X management for available Lazer X event times.
Fundraiser Event:
Play Lazer Tag games at regular price ($8.00 per game) and Lazer X will donate $3.50 per game back to your fund raiser recipient.
Note: A fundraiser event must be approved by Lazer X management. A fund raiser organizer must be present to coordinate the event and participants. Free Lazer Tag games available to fund raiser organizers at management’s discretion.
Room Rental Only: $35.00 Per Hour
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